Merchandising Agency



Mapping of clients, intallations and materials.

Every PROMA installation is guaranteed to last, with regular auditing and monitoring of the quality of the furniture and display solutions to ensure that brand image remains absolutely coherent in the POS.

Proma has teams of specialised technicians available on call to assess POS units, communication supports, product assortments and loading of exhibits, lighting efficiency, the quantity of materials in stock and, last but not least, updating of the product offering, in order to allow for new product ranges.

In the preliminary phase of a project, our experts evaluate the accessibility of a particular amount of sales space (which can take place on-site) in order to select the right merchandising instruments, relative to the actual sizes.

On-going and timely analysis means the POS is always tidy and well stocked. Proma thereby optimises BRAND visibility and RETAIL efficiency.

monitoraggio punti vendita
monitoraggio punti vendita

Nationwide coverage: Merchandiser


We have a person clients can refer to in every region across Italy for:

  • Surveys
  • Product positioning
  • Testing and updating of display layouts
  • Cleaning, re-ordering and sales space monitoring

Everything to care for and update your sales products.