A qualified team that understands and has an eye for detail.

One of the strong points of the complex system of services offered is certainly maintence (scheduled or ad hoc) and the care we take of brand image and brand conformity.
Proma gives clients turnkey solutions which include display planning, logistics, installation and mainentance. Once installation is completed, either of a single furnishing unit or of an entire area, Proma can check and monitor the condition of displays and intervene promptly, as and when necessary, all year round.

In 48-72 hours our maintenance teams can fix a broken piece of furntiure, or inadequate lighting, substitute logos in keeping with the brand image both of the shop and the displays. We can also step in to reorganise promotional displays for key, limited periods, such as when sales are on, over Christmas and so on; substituting internal communications for updated images released according to revised marketing guide-lines released by head office.

Through the My Proma platform we can, also ahead of time, understand the state of any wear and tear of display units. This is because, by logging into the reserved Client area, Clients can open ongoing dialogues with our maintenance teams and project managers, who can intervene punctually and effectively so as to keep the POS working to its maximum sales potential.

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