My Proma

Web Area & Software: CRM


A bespoke portal so you can see how your project is shaping up.

Our portal provides a dedicated area where clients can keep track of project progress. Simply log in to see how work is coming along, view product records and warehouse stock. Our CRM software allows clients to search by BRAND, POS, product and service and to access all relevant project documentation (product data, merchandising planograms, set-up photography etc.)

All the various phases of each project are detailed and can be accessed, right up to the moment of installation go-ahead. As soon as we get a thumbs-up for installation, the client can see photographs of what is happening on site. Once installation is completed, our IT system sends clients an e-mail with project references and a link enabling access to a dedicated client area on the CRM platform. Accessing this dedicated space allows clients to download all documentation in PDF and Excel.

Thanks to this innovative software tool, our clients can trace the progress of their orders, in real time and in total autonomy, as if they were physically present at the POS itself.

My Proma:

Clients simpling insert their credentials to access the CRM platform. Query processing can be personalised according to client preferences. All data is downloadable for document storage in PDF or Excel.